august, 2018

11aug12:30 pm1:30 pmChallenge Your Status Quo with Dr. William Findley


(Saturday) 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm HST


Happiness U - SALT

675 Auahi Street, Suite E3-205, Honolulu, HI 96813

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Come share in a conversation with Dr. William Findley regarding significant and practical ways to “Challenge your Status Quo”….and find your breakthrough moment!

Being open-minded and willing to challenge your own status quo is an essential part of getting on the path to creating personal change and making a difference in the world.

A very profound and challenging statement, indeed. Personal change can only happen if a person truly wants to change. People can only facilitate change if they first start with themselves. It takes a deep sense of resolve and commitment….despite the barrier and obstacles.

Change fails often.

Change often becomes a fad. A moment embraced quickly and fades….soon.

Change becomes like a new piece of clothing. It looks sharp at first glance but then gets pushed to the back of the closet….only to be forgotten.

We stare at change. It is an icy stare. We can see it, feel it, taste it, smell it….but desperately struggle to make it happen. The reality is we are entranced with the status quo. We are hypnotized by its simplicity and ease. The status quo is soothing….and does not create conflict or tension.

We get caught up in daily routines. We get stuck and keep stuck.

Change feels uncomfortable. We like being comfortable.

Change seems to belong to someone else. We like to point fingers.

True change can only happen if we move to the levels where we really need to go.

Change succeeds when embraced more deeply.

Change takes hold more successfully if done from an emotional, social, and spiritual level. Impactful change necessitates a deeper look and engagement at each of these three levels. Permanent, meaningful change requires an intentional, proactive mindshift movement to be effective and influential. This must be declared, decreed and then acted upon. Otherwise, it is mere words with little meaning.

Challenge your status quo.

“Challenge your Status Quo” is the statement that sparked this conversation. In our current culture, we need to refocus our thinking to ensure success for you….for me.

Here’s the deal….change can only happen from within and enabled through the proper social, emotional and spiritual conditions. We stare at our status quo, and we freeze. It is a stalemate, unless we go deeper and understand what we need in our living and leading capabilities to change and move in the direction that aligns with our purpose, calling and destiny.

So… advance, I ask… do you challenge your status quo effectively?


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    Dr. William Findley is recognized first and foremost as a dynamic and effective communicator with a passion for connecting with and serving people around the world to encourage them to discover, pursue and fulfill their purpose, calling and destiny.  A life-long learner, he brings extensive insight, experience and expertise to the critical field of leadership which was highlighted with the scholarly completion of his Doctorate degree (Ed.D. – Organizational Leadership) in 2017 from Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ). Several of his hallmarks are to challenge people to always be “hungry”….never settle for the status quo or mediocrity….seek knowledge and then apply….and strive to live a life of positive influence.  His path in life has presented a wealth of opportunities that includes serving six years in the greatest naval force in the world – The United States Navy, NCAA Division I/II and NAIA Head Soccer Coach, College Professor and Administrator, Pastor, Homeless Shelter Executive, Certified Professional Coach, High Performance Coach/Consultant, Business Owner and Entrepreneur. The common denominator for each of these has been his core DNA ability to create significant and meaningful relationships with all people of all ages from all walks of life within all cultures and ethnic backgrounds….bar none!  The message and mindset that guides him daily is the exact same focus, principle and drive that remains consistent and in alignment with his fundamental life philosophy of engaging with and investing in the lives of others in such a way that contributes to the comprehensive success of their personal journey that will create a legacy for others to embrace and follow.


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