Free Training with Alice Inoue

Friday, March 31, 2pm HST // 8pm EST

Did you know that there is a way to reverse signs of aging on your face WITHOUT the need for surgery, botox, or chemicals? 

Learn the foundation of facial yoga and begin to rejuvenate your face and reverse the effects of aging…naturally!

Stress Is Unavoidable. Signs Of Aging Are Not!

Join Alice Inoue, founder of Youtify Face Club for proven tactics to youthify your face, and remove tension with natural care and exercise.

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Face Yoga 101: Free Training

  • Daily habits and intentions (emotional, mental, situational)
  • Resting face positions.
  • Tongue posture.
  • Face stress minimization.
  • Mini workout routines.
  • Warm-ups & Cool-downs.

Who is Alice Inoue?

I am a wellness author and columnist based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the founder of Happiness U Hui, an online forum where people go to gain clarity on life’s daily struggles.

I am almost 60 years of age. And as I approached this landmark in life, I became interested in longevity and anti-aging. I discovered face yoga, and I am amazed to see the power facial exercise has on toning and lifting the face naturally.

I have studied and trained with field experts and am a certified facial yoga instructor and reverse-aging enthusiast. And I have pulled my experience and training into a curated membership, Youthify Face Club, where I share my BEST facial findings. 

Join me for a free introductory training where you can learn the foundational strategies of facial yoga, and employ techniques to reduce the signs of aging on your face…naturally!

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