February Reflections:

I have completed the first month of my 6 month scholarship and I feel like I am making some progress.  the thing that I am grappling with now is focus.  With this major life change that I went thru I am crazy motivated to change all these aspects of my life but I am starting to feel overwhelmed.  Where do I start?  do I try to do a little bit of everything or put some stuff on the back burner and come back to it later.

Alice’s Year of Movement workshop was really helpful.  The areas that she explained to be aware of: What am I suppressing?  What have I normalized?  What is not working & out of balance?  These are questions that I need to fully evaluate at this point in my life.

In Chelsea’s workshop – Work Out Less, Burn More, & Feel Better I learned how taking magnesium can help with your sleep.  I am definitely going to try that.


March Reflections:

I was excited that I got to attend a bunch of classes this month.  The class that had me thinking and talking about it for days after was the Plant Medicine class by Dalybeth Reasoner.  I was thinking that the class was going to be about growing herbs or medicinal teas but I was far off.  The class was about ayahuasca and the potential benefits.  I was thoroughly intrigued.  I seriously started looking into going to Rythmia in Costa Rico – suggested to by girlfriends that it would be a great girls’ trip.  My girls are definitely down.

The class that I found most challenging was the Life Planning Workshop.  It was hard sitting there for 14 hours – I was getting restless toward the end.  I started to feel intimidated because I wasn’t even half way done after the 14 hours.  I have tried working on it here and there but you really have to sit there for blocks of time to really get back into it.  My goal is to have my Life Planning workbook complete this month.


April Reflections:

Normally I listen to audiobooks while I am driving.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to listen to the Happiness U Facebook videos while I was driving.  So around mid month I started to listen to the Facebook video in the car and when I got to where I was going I would write some notes in my journal on what I listened to.  This helped me to better absorb what I was listening to.

The Overwhelm 101 definitely had the biggest impact on me this month.  I am in the process of getting my house ready to rent out, and finding a new place for me and my girls to live.  The exercise where you write down all that you have to do and then mark what to do, ditch, or delegate was a big break thru.  It gave me a chance to really go thru and really examine what I had to do, could ditch, and what I could delegate.  On my list of things to do was to listen to ‘Money, Master the Game’, by Tony Robbins again and write down a summary since I didn’t write notes while I was listening.  It didn’t occur to me to look up a summary for the book online – so that’s I what I did and that saved me at least 10 hours (the length of the audiobook).  This opened my eyes to other books that I read and was going to go back and write notes for – this will definitely be saving me a bunch of time.  Another tool I learned was to go thru and schedule all the things that I had to do.  I made a large calendar and scheduled when I would do each item on my TO DO list.  This gave me peace of mind because instead of me thinking that I need to get it done I know it is on my calendar to get done later.

The Astrology 101 Class with Alice was so interesting.  The crazy part was that I had ’emphasis’ with so many signs (not sure if that is the right way to put it).  The only signs that I didn’t have ’emphasis’ with were Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.  This explains the multiple personalities. 😋


May Reflections:

Unfortunately I was not able to attend any classes in person this month. I did make an effort to watch more facebook videos and do more 101 courses. The courses that made the biggest impact on me and had me thinking were the 101 courses. This month I took Healthy Money Mindset 101, Clutter Clearing Plan 101, and Positive Mindset 101. I thought that the Clutter Clearing Plan would be the most useful for me now because I am renting out my home and downsizing to a smaller place. Luckily for me I have grown up moving several times and really find no true sentimental value to ‘stuff’. Growing up my family had money but my parents chose to send that money on trips and experiences. We didn’t have a lot of stuff and the stuff we had we kept till it completely died. I remember having the same TV from when we lived in Guam, then in California, and then here Hawaii. That thing did not have a remote and we had to sit next to it just to change the channel. When we were home sick we would look thru the TV guide and decide what channel we would turn it to so we wouldn’t have to get up to change it every half hour. Actual thought process – I will watch 1 hour of Mama’s Family so that I can watch 2 hours of Saved by the Bell and not have to get up for 3 hours. The struggle was real. My parents didn’t have a TV with a remote till around 2005 when we finally broke down and bought them a new TV. And they would still have that TV from 2005, but we bought them a new one.

For the Money Mindset 101 I took on the challenge of thinking of 1000 benefits of having a lot of money. I have gotten to #123. I never would have thought that it would be so hard to think of so many benefits. I have all the standard stuff – pay off my house, send my girls (and their cousins) to private school and college. I have petty reasons like making my ex-husband jealous (change ex-husband to someone else to save me some grief in case he reads this 😉). I even have vacationing in an igloo. Not sure what else there is.

Overall, I think that Positive Mindset 101 was the most impactful. I think of myself as a positive person but not when it comes to how I feel about myself, that is a constant struggle for me. But I am going to take on the challenge of thinking of 3 good things that happened each day and will work on this with my girls.

Thank you for this opportunity. I am looking forward to complete more 101 classes next month and so far I am signed up for Movie with Marie & Me, New Moon Burning Bowl Ceremony (I really hope this involves real fire 🔥), and Death, Dying, & Grieving.


June Reflections:

The New Moon Burning Bowl ceremony help me – it gave me a chance to reflect on my life & where I’m at. Recently I did a mid year review. I identified what has been working for me, what hasn’t been working for me, and what I want in the next 6 months. With the New Moon Burning Bowl Ceremony I focused on what wasn’t working for me, fears, regrets, bad habits, grudges, destructive relationships, and attitudes not serving me. I think whats not working for me is my negative self talk. I think that most, if not all, the ‘issues’ in my life are rooted in my negative self talk. I try to combat this negative talk with daily morning affirmations. The best part is that I do this with my daughters. I try to practice S.A.V.E.R.S

S – Silence (Meditation)
A – Affirmations
V – Visualization
E – Exercise
R – Reading
S – Scribe (Journaling)

Daily I can do at least 2 of the 5. On my days off I’m able to do all 5 and notice a difference in my day and my mindset.


July Reflections: 

Can’t believe that it has been 6 months. I remember the interview – I was nervous and excited. The scholarship could not have come at a better time. I have been on a journey of self discovery. Finding out who I am and what I want in my future. I have taken the past year to get a bit more settled after all the changes. Changes that I thought I didn’t want but now know that they are what is best for me, my daughters, and our future. Sometimes things have to happen to you for you to see that the path you were on wasn’t the right one. The classes, Facebook videos, and 101 courses were instrumental in my path. There were classes that I never would have seek on my own – but they gave me a new perspective. I have gotten tips for my spiritual journey but also tools that can help with my everyday life.

My next step is putting what I learned and the goals I set into action. I can see myself getting stuck the ‘analysis paralysis’ – but I need to take the steps that I have learned from the classes and 101 courses and put it into real action.

Thank you SO much for this opportunity!


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