February Reflections:

I have completed the first month of my 6 month scholarship and I feel like I am making some progress.  the thing that I am grappling with now is focus.  With this major life change that I went thru I am crazy motivated to change all these aspects of my life but I am starting to feel overwhelmed.  Where do I start?  do I try to do a little bit of everything or put some stuff on the back burner and come back to it later.

Alice’s Year of Movement workshop was really helpful.  The areas that she explained to be aware of: What am I suppressing?  What have I normalized?  What is not working & out of balance?  These are questions that I need to fully evaluate at this point in my life.

In Chelsea’s workshop – Work Out Less, Burn More, & Feel Better I learned how taking magnesium can help with your sleep.  I am definitely going to try that.

March Reflections:

I was excited that I got to attend a bunch of classes this month.  The class that had me thinking and talking about it for days after was the Plant Medicine class by Dalybeth Reasoner.  I was thinking that the class was going to be about growing herbs or medicinal teas but I was far off.  The class was about ayahuasca and the potential benefits.  I was thoroughly intrigued.  I seriously started looking into going to Rythmia in Costa Rico – suggested to by girlfriends that it would be a great girls’ trip.  My girls are definitely down.
The class that I found most challenging was the Life Planning Workshop.  It was hard sitting there for 14 hours – I was getting restless toward the end.  I started to feel intimidated because I wasn’t even half way done after the 14 hours.  I have tried working on it here and there but you really have to sit there for blocks of time to really get back into it.  My goal is to have my Life Planning workbook complete this month.


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