September Reflections:

I am embarking on a renewed endeavor to transform my work and life. What I desire most is to bring a new level of joy to my work, look forward to it each day, and make a positive difference. I want to live with more joy and love, and contribute more joy and love. In the words of Gandhi, I want to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Moving forward, this involves consistently listening to my intuition and having the courage to act upon it. Gaining clarity on when to say yes and when to say no, and setting boundaries with love. Making my own well-being a priority so that I enjoy my life and am able to contribute more fully and joyfully to others. And, in the language of systems thinking, creating a virtuous cycle that reinforces itself with increasing well-being, love and joy.

My key takeaways during the first month of the Happiness U scholarship program confirm my hunch… my biggest challenge has been my own mindset. The good news… this is something I can change!

The “Healthy Money Mindset” class reminded me to nurture new beliefs:
It is OK (and actually very important!) to enjoy my work.
I am worthy of having a voice; of people seeing my value and investing in my services.
It is honorable to be well-compensated for doing work I love.

The “Goodbye to Guilt” and “How to Say No” classes reinforced:
I have to value myself before other people value me. If I fill up my own gas tank, I am better equipped to serve others.
Setting boundaries is my responsibility. There are many perspectives, and I am the only person who knows what is right for me.
Before responding yes or no, it is important to give myself time to consider the short- and long-term benefits and consequences.
To do what is right for me, I must know my priorities and ask myself what I want to do. (Instead of asking what I should do.) And then take action accordingly.

In the “Energetic Jump Start” class, I learned simple feng shui quick fixes to shift energy in the environment. My commitment was to organize one drawer. I did this yesterday, and feel a sense of positive energy and accomplishment — from just this one small task.

I’m so grateful to be part of Happiness U’s scholarship cohort 5, and am inspired by the camaraderie and support of this amazing group. Thank you all, I’m looking forward to next month…

October Reflections: 

During this month, I noticed moments of pure joy, of feeling “Wow, I am so blessed.” Of synchronicities that couldn’t be planned, and happened with ease. Participating in Happiness U was again a rich experience, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

In the “Irritating Relationship Clarity” class I learned there is opportunity to look deeper and learn something about myself when this situation occurs. A key question I learned to ask myself is: “How does this person illuminate what I am not allowing myself to do or be that is important to me?” I notice I feel a new sense of calm when encountering a person with whom I had previously felt angst.

The “Life Planning Workshop” was a valuable experience. Going in, I felt a bit reluctant to spend the weekend working inside in front of my computer. When the class was over, I was sad to see it end, and could have spent several more days on my Life Book. I often do my best thinking when walking outside, and took breaks from time to time to ponder my answers to questions in the template. When I returned to my computer, the words seemed to flow. Dedicating this time led to defining my purpose, values and goals in a new and meaningful way. Since the workshop, I’ve reviewed my Life Book several times and feel the content is a strong foundation upon which to move forward. I can see why people attend year after year to update their content and prepare for next steps.

I also participated in the “Learn the Strategy of Prepaving” class. The topic was about enhancing opportunity for success by writing about about my desired outcome for a specific situation or challenge. Part of the exercise involved looking at the upside if things don’t work out as desired. I notice I feel a new level of enthusiasm and curiosity, and am more relaxed.

During this month’s scholarship meeting, I met more of my cohort members. What an amazing group! Each person is eloquent, unique, accomplished and so full of potential. The energy in the room really goes up when we are together. I feel like I have found my tribe, and am looking forward to getting to know each person.

It has been a wonderful month. Thank you Happiness U!

November Reflections: 

November was another fun and enlightening month at Happiness U. I learned new ways to care for my physical well-being through healthy and conscious movement. And, gained additional insights into my purpose, personality and strengths with astrology. I also realized that one reason I am sensitive to leadership abuse of power is because I want to more fully embrace my own power (in a positive and constructive way!). In addition, I learned that stress can have positive benefits such as motivation, social bonds and stronger priorities. That is a new way of looking at stress for me! And reminds me that there is positive and negative in every situation.

As I look back on the past few months since starting the Happiness U program, I realize I am indeed happier. My external circumstances are similar, so I know this has been more of an internal shift. I notice I’m more excited about life, grateful for today and look forward to the future. And, I feel prepared to embrace the future with growing empowerment and authenticity. The journey continues… 😀

December Reflections: 

As the year wraps up, I am so grateful to have taken time for a sabbatical in 2019. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and spiritually and physically healthy. I also notice that I’m more resilient and life’s inevitable challenges, both big and small, aren’t affecting me as much. I’m getting better at allowing emotions to flow through me in a healthy manner, and letting go of stress more easily. Through Happiness U, I’ve learned that polarity is a natural part of life.

As 2020 begins, I feel a new wellspring of energy and am excited about the new year. Interesting synchronicities have already arisen… there seems to be a wonderful co-creative energy at work. I am ready!

Thank you, Happiness U for being a supportive place to connect, learn and grow.

January Reflections: 

Last month I wrote about how I felt more resilient, and I’m so thankful for this bench strength. 2020 has already been an experience of vivid contrast — for example, sorrow due to losing a beloved family member, and gratitude for family coming together to support each other and connect in positive new ways. And in another instance, feeling stressed by an unexpected issue and noticing the birth of a newly awakened desire to help others in similar circumstances.

I think of Alice’s words often… “Nothing happens to us, everything happens for us.” Happiness U is helping me gain a healthy new perspective — that these circumstances are simply a part of life. Life is naturally filled with polarity and there will always be positive and negative. My faith and mindset are helping me learn to appreciate all of life, and when challenges arise, more quickly regain my equilibrium.

February Reflections:

February has been another month full of challenges along with continued opportunities to remind myself of Alice’s words ““Nothing happens to us, everything happens for us.” I’ve had moments of grief, frustration and fear, and also an emerging curiosity about the higher purpose of these situations. Yesterday, I was reflecting on the wonderful instances of support that have arisen at just the right time. A light bulb went off as I realized I’m learning to trust that the support I need will always be there when I need it. These situations also provided opportunities to exercise my receiving muscles. Giving has always been easier than receiving, and I know both are important. Going through these experiences has allowed me to gain new appreciation for others, and to receive with even more gratitude and joy.

I’m also reminded of the importance of taking action, and communicating boundaries and needs in a constructive and caring way. And, gained practice discerning when it is best to let go. Being curious about the higher purpose of situations is helping me find peace in the midst of challenge and look forward to the future with positive expectation. Thank you Happiness U… I am so grateful for all that I am learning. 😀

March Reflections: 

This has been such an eventful month, I almost don’t know where to start my reflection. March has been a month of surprises, challenges and learning to accept what is, including my emotions. I’m practicing being patient with myself, staying informed and looking for ways to contribute. And reminding myself that taking care of my well-being is helping take care of others, too. I’m grateful to spend more time with my husband, and send love, strength and gratitude to all.

Due to social distancing, much of my time in March was spent communicating and connecting with people via virtual means. I’ve been doing group video calls with family across multiple states and thousands of miles away. In many ways, our relationships have grown even closer. We could have been doing this for years, and only recently started because of the corona virus situation. I wonder what other opportunities are hiding in plain sight?

I’ve also gotten out of my comfort zone by writing our governor to express my views on policy during this time. It felt good to take positive action on a subject I feel deeply about in a way that honors people.

As I look back over the past six months with Happiness U, I can see how my learnings from each month built on top of each other and have helped me become the person I am today. Thank you, Happiness U! The journey continues…

April Reflections:

During the past month, I’ve been practicing new ways of caring for myself and others. My exercise routine at home continues to evolve; it is still a work in progress and moving in a positive direction. I’ve had fun cooking new recipes… here’s a yummy one I found online: Zucchini Pizza Bites. I also expanded my creativity and application of Feng Shui principles by wallpapering the back of my bookshelves and the wall behind my bed. The bookshelves are located in a “Wood” area of my home, and I chose an uplifting tropical leaf wallpaper to support this energy. Neutral grass cloth wallpaper bolsters the earth element energy I was seeking and brings peacefulness to the bedroom. Putting up the wallpaper was a little scary because I’ve never done it before. Knowing I could take it down if it didn’t turn out as I hoped helped me push through the fear, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Additionally, I’ve continued to stay in virtual contact with family and friends, and taken actions to support Hawaii food banks and local businesses. Sometimes my actions feel small, and I remind myself that every positive action matters. Keep going!

One of the most impactful changes I’ve made is to meditate twice per day. I was meditating most mornings for 10-15 minutes, and added an evening meditation. I feel more peaceful, happy and have a greater sense of well-being. Meditation is making a positive difference.

To use Alice’s words, this “profound pause” is helping me build healthy new foundations that support my life purpose and being of high service to others. I am grateful for this time and excited about next steps when the time is right. Thank you Happiness U for your incredible generosity, and blessings to all.

May Reflections:

During May, I had a one-on-one life guidance session with Alice that was amazing. And, April’s Astrology of the Times class continues to stimulate my curiosity. I’m taking time to explore, am open to new beginnings and ready to embrace my personal power in fresh and positive ways. In the astrology class, Alice suggested asking ourselves questions such as “Where am I stuck?” and “Where am I living with old rules that no longer work?” I know I have elements to reorder in my life and am grateful for this time to reflect and innovate. One of the astrological aspects this year supports is “birthing your ambition from the core of who you are.” I’m excited about stepping into this new level of authenticity and conviction, and hope I have the wisdom and strength to hold space, learn and contribute in a positive way.

On a lighter note, I was reminded this month to make it a priority to include variety in my life. I continued to have fun with cooking, and I’m grateful to have extra time to experiment with new recipes. However, now I need to amp up my exercise. (The Law of Cause and Effect is alive and well… sigh!) I added some beginner barre videos to my exercise routine and these are going to keep me challenged (and humble) for quite some time.

Sending love and appreciation to everyone for all that is being done to make the world a better place. We are all connected!

June Reflections:

When I embarked on my Happiness U scholarship journey, I intended to transform my work and life. Here is what I wrote:

“What I desire most is to love my work, look forward to it each day and make a positive difference in the world. Up to this point, my strong sense of responsibility has “ruled the show” and my spirit and sense of joy have gotten lost along the way. I want to live with more joy and love, and contribute more joy and love. In the words of Gandhi, I want to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Moving forward, I want to consistently listen to my intuition and have the courage to act upon it. To gain clarity on when to say yes and when to say no, and set boundaries with love. To make my own well-being a priority so that I enjoy my life and am able to contribute more fully and joyfully to others. And, in the language of systems thinking, to create a virtuous cycle that reinforces itself with increasing well-being, love and joy.”

Initially, I believed that changing my work would change my life. My experience at Happiness U has helped me in a much bigger way — I have grown and changed from the inside out. Despite the significant and serious challenges occurring in our world, I notice I’m more often living from a place of joy and love. I am more resilient, and have more peace and faith. I’m learning to better care for my well-being and instead of thinking that is selfish, I now know it is essential. Caring for my well-being helps those around me, too.

Being part of Happiness U has helped me be more patient with (and curious about) the inevitable challenges that arise in life. I’m learning to see obstacles as teachers, and trust there is a higher purpose even if I am not able to see it in the moment.

Thank you Happiness U for helping me discover unseen blind spots, and shift in positive and powerful ways. You’ve helped me fall in love with life again! This prepares me to contribute to the world in a whole new way. Mahalo nui loa for so generously sharing your wisdom and creating this beautiful community. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with you. Aloha and a hui hou.


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