How To Stay Calm In The Midst of Crisis: A Masterclass

Hosted by Alice Inoue of Happiness U Hui

Wednesday, March 15 | 1pm HST | 7pm ET

Many are experiencing a heightened sense of panic these days, with three years of COVID, an impending recession, employment layoffs, and so much more. 

Stress is normal, but the panic we have put our bodies and minds through over the past few years is not healthy or sustainable for anyone. 

Staying calm during these times can be challenging, but is crucial for your mindset and emotional well-being.

Join me for my upcoming masterclass, where I provide the three techniques I use, both personally and with my clients, to remain calm in severely stressful times. 

Is this Masterclass for me?

This masterclass is for everyone, because remaining calm in any situation is a useful tool at home, at work, with family, and beyond.

  • When you are facing major changes in your life…
  • When the noises are too noisy…
  • When you can sense the panic bubbling up ready to take over…
  • When you need a moment to step back and refocus…

Join me for this masterclass, and gain proven strategies on how to remain calm, maintain focus, and stay even-keeled in a time of crisis and heightened emotions. 

The tips I will provide will allow you to practice mindfulness, incorporate self-compassion and self-care, and have actionable steps to remain calm and clear-headed. 

About Alice Inoue

Alice is a nationally award-winning author and life expert dedicated to helping others find answers to life’s challenges. As Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated expert, she has aided hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in finding daily clarity.

Alice’s unique brand of life wisdom is featured in her nine books on self-growth and happiness, as well as in her long-running column in Midweek, Hawaii’s largest publication.

Combining her vast set of skills and talents with her entrepreneurial drive, Alice founded Happiness U, an integrated approach to the personal and organizational wellness field with a focus on finding answers to life’s challenges through classes, trainings, and projects.

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