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The Happiness U Hui

With Alice Inoue

The Happiness U Hui is the answer to all of life’s challenges! With a monthly membership, you can gain access to 10+ transformational teachings. These teachings will help bring clarity, understanding, and most importantly, happiness into your life – all from the comfort of your own home! Plus, the Happiness U Hui gives members the benefit of live calls with Alice each month. So, if Monday morning blues or any other struggles come your way, the Happiness U Hui will give you insight, boosts motivation, and provide a feeling of hope for whatever may be coming next. Become a Hui member today and start finding answers to life’s challenges!

Is Happiness…

…feeling that your life has a purpose?

…being loved for who you are?

…knowing who you are?

…feeling calm?

Life’s joyful moments can certainly lift us up, but they don’t sustain us if we are not balanced within.

Everyone defines happiness differently, but no matter where you are in your life in terms of happiness, there are simple ways you can make life better.

The Happiness U Hui is a  supportive online community offering positive insights and life guidance encompassing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.  All so you can gain clarity and rise above your life challenges.

What is the Happiness U Hui?


The Happiness U Hui is the online gathering space for Happiness U,  an educational establishment based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our Online Community:  The Hui is where we bring together those who are inspired by self-growth and “wholistic” wellness.  Members make new friends and receive positive support, all while getting insight into life’s most common challenges.

The Happiness U Hui offers an online collection of classes, events and forums, with all live events recorded for later viewing.

Happiness is…

…not a perfect image of what you have in your head, or a future destination you will someday reach, but rather a deep sense of satisfaction and well-being that you are able to cultivate and experience no matter where you are in your life, right now.

happiness u classes helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives

A sneak peek into The Hui

In Hawaiian, a “Hui” refers to a gathering of people for a common purpose. The common purpose of The Happiness U is to find clarity and improve your life in a space of positivity and inspiration.
Here are examples of past teachings Hui members received.


Coaching With Alice

Expert Interviews

Money Mindset

About Alice Inoue

Alice is a nationally award-winning author and life expert dedicated to helping others find answers to life’s challenges. As Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated expert, she has aided hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in finding daily clarity. 

Alice’s unique brand of life wisdom is featured in her nine books on self-growth and happiness, as well as in her long-running column in Midweek, Hawaii’s largest publication. 

Combining her vast set of skills and talents with her entrepreneurial drive, Alice founded Happiness U, an integrated approach to the personal and organizational wellness field with a focus on finding answers to life’s challenges through classes, trainings, and projects. 

What is my Destiny?

Wherever you are in life, you are destined for more.

It all starts with awareness and the right support.  You can live the life that you desire when you know exactly what to focus on, and the mindset you need to cultivate. Invest in yourself. Doing so makes it inevitable that your life unfolds with more purpose and joy.

Your whole life has prepared you for what lies ahead.

Hear what our current members have to say about the Happiness U Hui

“What I love about the Happiness U Hui is that it allows me to engage on my own time. Kristin’s brilliant management takes a high-tech solution and makes it accessible to everyone. And “everyone” needs what Alice shares through the Hui. Many times you don’t realize you need it until you view and hear it from Alice or her guests. Alice always has a way to break down complicated life issues and point out solutions that may have already been within you.” – Ron

I am supremely grateful to you – and supremely blessed that I have met you, for your great spirit and wisdom provides me guidance today and in the future as I remember all the lessons you taught me – and the others – today.  You are a blessed person and I can only reflect that there most definitely is a reason why our paths have crossed.”


“I always love sessions with Alice.  I gain insightful feedback which gives me a positive way to view the year.  It’s not just the practical information that keeps me coming back to Alice.  It is her encouraging and supportive energy.”

“The Happiness U Hui is a community of wonderful people who want to live their best life. We learn from weekly chats led by Alice and guest speakers she interviews on various topics. Our online discussion threads are encouraging, positive, and sometimes funny 😄I ❤️ our Hui!” – Nadine


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