April Reflections:

The month of April was a blur. It was a strange time of adjusting to the new “normal” while at the same time focusing on making self-care a priority. At first I felt almost guilty for indulging in reading, doing personal growth classes and other key self-care acts during the imposed quarantine time – consciously choosing to be at ease/ de-stress. My life was different and I didn’t mind at all. But through Alice’s classes, I felt reassured that all is well and that where I am on my path is uniquely mine. The live astrology class in particular, helped relieve the pressure when I found out that my planets were all aligned in the houses of self-care during the current time. It felt like I was given a head nod that the work I’ve been doing is in alignment with my life path. The Universal Laws course also helped with my outlook on life. And the Be Judgment Free course helped me with seeing my family with more compassionate eyes during our new daily life together. It helped me see myself in them and take a pause before criticizing.

May Reflections:

This month, May, I continued taking online courses and live zoom calls. During the monthly scholarship class, Alice asked a very important question around what we were taking from this “profound pause” when things are back open. What lessons were we going to use from this experience. Up until that point, I hadn’t given it much thought but having the opportunity to truly consider also helped me frame this period as positive even during this very unusual and unfortunate circumstances. And here was the exposed irony – that there were fortunes in the misfortune. I’m still digesting this idea.

My biggest breakthrough came with the Life Purpose 101 course. At first I was reluctant to take this class. For almost my whole adult life I’ve been in search of my life’s purpose, read books, watched videos, taken classes… At times the search was agonizing, so I wasn’t gung-ho about taking yet another class on life purpose but I was open to try it out. And honestly, if I do not get to take another class (but I most definitely want to!) this class was the mother ship for me! I guess I was at the right time and place in my life to receive this very important message about life purpose – it’s not outside of yourself. No search required! “You serve a purpose just by being born, being alive” – Alice.
Alice’s view of dimensions of purpose – it seemed so logical yet so profound! Well of course! We are multi-dimensional people so why would my life purpose be singular, one-sided?

This class has blessed me with a breakthrough. As a person who survived past traumas and currently grieving the loss of my mother, life purpose has weighed heavily on my heart and this shift has lightened my load. A lot. It’s made me breathe easier and deeper. There’s so much more to learn and this shift has given me a greater capacity to take in more insights. I can’t wait to see what next month will bring!

June Reflections: 

The first week was a whammy. I felt the wind knocked out of me as I grieved the murder of George Floyd. I chose to take an indefinite break from social media as a result – it was too much.

I was very thankful to have Happiness U as a reprieve from the social unrest. But the events did bring up a lot for me. It brought up memories of my youth growing up in NYC and seeing the systemic racism affect my family, community and friends. I knew Yusef Salaam of the Central Park 5 and I knew in my heart that he was innocent. But what could I do? I was a kid.

And in the aftermath of the murder, I couldn’t go to sleep for weeks without seeing Officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

The old feelings of helplessness – what can I do? – and overwhelm and stress came back.

I chose to delve into Alice’s class: Banish Stress & Worry 101. And I was able to get a lot out of it. For example, Alice explains that stress means you care. And yes, I had deep feelings of caring about this issue. I cared a lot. Especially as a mama of two black boys who will one day be two black men that the world may not see as human. Yes, I care a lot.

During this month I took the Meditation 101 class looking for ways to self-soothe. It was very helpful because I don’t consider myself a meditator yet I continue to try. When Alice explained we have 4 bodies: physical/emotional/spiritual/mental, and 3 of the 4 are meditating, it’s only the mental that gets distracted. Seeing it from this perspective has given me hope that I can continue to meditate and still get something out of it. Now in the mornings, I take a moment to appreciate the rest of me that is present for meditation even when it seems like my mind goes wandering elsewhere.

The three live classes I attended: Demystifying the Unseen, Death, Dying & Grieving, and How the Moon Affects Us Astrologically all worked well together in giving me a higher perspective of where I am in relation to grieving the death of my mother and what her death means to me at this stage of my life. Each class was very meaningful and has brought me some peace around this huge shift in my life.

A wonderful saying from Dalybeth (Death, Dying & Grieving): “You gotta feel it to heal it,” is a gentle reminder that feeling the sadness and other hard emotions around loss is actually helping to heal the pain. And Alice’s insights on astrology and the moon gave me a deeper understanding of why/how I feel the way I do. It helped me feel like I wasn’t “wrong” but how I process emotionally is a natural expression of who I am.

This has been a very trying month to say the least but I know that having Happiness U in my life has been crucial to me staying grounded and keeping optimistic about the changes. “Nothing is all good. Nothing is all bad.” Yes, this is a concept I am really doing my best to embrace right now – it’s not easy but I’m willing and wanting to change my habitual way of thinking. I’m ready for a new life and I know if I can train my brain to view things more constructively, it will change the way I experience life. I’m so happy to be here on this journey with Happiness U!


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