September Reflections:

I sought out Happiness U to learn about myself and how to better manage my stress. While I’m only one month into my scholarship, I am very grateful for the knowledge I’ve already gained and will continue to learn in the months to come.

Alice’s classes on astrology and archetypes have helped me discover more about myself. For example, I have often felt conflicted about my Cancer astrological sign because every outlet generalizes Cancers as nurturing homemakers. In some ways I identify with that, but I don’t always feel overwhelmingly nurturing toward others in the way Cancers are “supposed to be.” Alice explained the nurturing aspect to Cancers doesn’t always have to be toward others but instead could be nurturing special projects or goals, which seems really simple and obvious but I’ve never heard it described in that way and it really resonated.

Overall I’ve been very pleased with my first month as a Happiness U student and look forward to learning more about myself and others.




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