September Reflections:

I was waiting for a sign as I was going through some family challenges early part of this year. When I received the news about the Happiness U’s scholarship, I was so excited and motivated as the Universe has spoken.

Stepping into the first month of attending numerous inspirational classes, my eyes are open, my ears are wide. I want to give my 100% attention to this journey to learn about life planning and soul enlightenment.

September is a busy month for me but I signed up as many classes as I can. My first On-line class was “Overcome Overwhelm 101”. I learn to give myself love and gratitude on daily tasks I have accomplished, instead of worrying about projects I have not finished. To look at life one day at a time and be joyful with mundane errands or big missions.

In other classes, Alice mentioned how this world has opposite sides. It totally makes sense that we grow on the edge of positive and negative, happy and sad. I have to face this world with an open mind and acceptance of great diversity of perspectives, as we are here to grow spiritually and emotionally. There is a Chinese saying which goes “Where your mind goes, your energy goes.” I pledge to focus my energy on important aspect of the big life picture, and not to be distracted.

October Reflections: 

October started my first class with Spirituality 101. Spirituality is a big part of my life as I embrace God’s existence. Although, I am not big on organized religion, I believe we are spiritual beings who come on earth for different life experience and growth. I can see universal wisdom in nature. I definitely see love when experiencing suffering. Therefore, I echoed how instructor Jonathan Sugai said, “The biggest gifts come from our painful moments in life.”

The two-day life planning class was intense for me. I had to dig deep into my past, review my present values and visualize how to align goals with my future. This is when fear and doubt surface and I have to humble myself to have self-acceptance with where I am right now. This class was a great opportunity for me to reflect and ask hard questions like am I living an authentic life, and where I want to be in future? If I continue to do the same thing everyday, there will be no change. It is time to take back my power.

Alice mentioned that we experience our world through our own senses depending on where we are, who we are and our dynamic culture. I am still grasping the concept of how we need the opposite in order for us to grow. However, I have to master every moment with grace and gratitude and I am responsible for my perception, decision and action.

I really enjoy Astrology 101- my long lost passion during my teenage years. It is fascinating to know how each one of us is unique in the universe and we have the ability to coexist peacefully knowing our differences.

I am deeply thankful for my scholarship opportunity and look forward to many more classes in the next two months!! Thank you thank you!!

November Reflections:

November is a time of being thankful to the universe, my family, friends, Happiness University, and all circumstances that have happened to me for the past whole year. I am exactly where I need to be in my life for my growth. My life is still great despite mundane affairs but small miracles pop up along the way. Being in such an amazingly enlightening scholarship program not just helps me to understand my thought process, accept and motivate my life, but also to open my eyes to other people’s needs and relationship, how we live according to universal laws. Alice’s teaching on Mine and Not Mine mentality tells me to take responsibility with what is mine and understand that worries are not necessary in most circumstances. How to Detox and Lose Weight with Holly Hamilton Harding’s class came a good reminder for me to take care of my body, rest and rejuvenate. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!


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