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January Reflections:

At the beginning of the month, I was very hopeful and optimistic. I was very eager to start my classes at Happiness U and wanted to attend all of the classes because they were perfect for me. I learned the hard way that my depression and anxiety doesn’t go away over night. There were a few minor set backs this month that triggered some unwanted feelings but I am very hopeful and eager to get life back on track with the help from Happiness U. I learned that I have a lot of traits that are associated with the elements of water and air. This year, I want to focus on the other elements (fire and earth) and become more grounded and ignite my desire to live a meaningful and exciting life.


February Reflections:

It is still the beginning of 2018 and there has been so many changes in my life already. I started off the month of February with the class that was called The year of Change: Finding certainty in these times of uncertainty. This class made me realize that my recent emotions and feelings of uncertainty and confusion have been here for a reason. I’ve realized that at times, there are certain shifts that I may go through that I cannot control. I feel like I am more ready to take on this year after hearing Alice’s words. Alice mentioned that this year, the relationships in my life will come together or fall apart. I am learning that there are relationships in my life right now that have been preventing me from being my best self. Difficult conversations that were organically created this month have either brought me closer to certain people in my life or have led me to separate from people who I thought were important in my life. I still feel like I am on a never ending roller coaster ride of many ups and downs but hearing Alice’s words from this class gave me hope and validated that everything does happen to me for a reason. Instead of making things more complicated in my life, I will try to roll with the ups and downs and see what happens. I am looking forward to finding balance in my relationships and start the process of restructuring the foundations in my life.


March Reflections:

In the beginning of March, I attended a Life Planning workshop where I had to sit down and reflect on my past, present, and future. I honestly did not think I was going to be able to make it through the whole workshop due to my short attention span, being that it was for 8 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I was pleasantly shocked to see that I was focused and determined to set my priorities straight and figure out what I was meant to do in this life. The workshop made me see that everything that I have been experiencing since the day of my birth up to the present day is what I meant to be doing. Life is about experiencing and growing from everything that has and will occur in my life including both pleasant and torturous experiences that will inevitably occur. Often times, I can’t help but feel lost in this life but now when I feel that uncomfortable feeling growing inside me, I look at my purpose statement that I created (with the help from Alice) at this workshop, and I feel more at peace.

Another class that I took in the month of March was, “Who are you meant to be?” Where I took an Enneagram test that showed me what kind of personality I was associated with. I was associated with “The Helper” which made a lot of sense to me since most of my professional work has involved either helping children with special needs or needy families. I truly enjoy helping others out but sometimes this results in me sacrificing my own energy and happiness to bring happiness to others. This class taught me that if I give too much of my energy away without balancing my need to feel loved, I can quickly become unhealthy and exhibit behaviors associated with fear. Now that I am aware of this, I am taking the right steps to ground myself and bring about good change into my life.

Overall, the classes that I have taken at Happiness U so far are helping me connect with my higher self and even though there are still times where I question how I am feeling and what I am doing with my life, I am now more certain that everything is going to be okay.


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