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Our membership program is for those who are interested in personal growth. Membership at Happiness U can be understood better when likened to a health club membership.  Taking a few fitness classes will help one feel better in the short-term, however, for long-term benefit, and for lasting change, there needs to be a commitment.

So also is the case of becoming more empowered in life. While taking a class here and there will certainly help, the commitment made, in the form of membership at Happiness U, will help you positively transform how you experience your life.

The Happiness U community is made up of people of all ages, interests, and professions, who are drawn together by their desire to understand life from a universal and spiritual perspective. They resonate with the unique brand of guidance that founder, Alice Inoue, has developed, and are seekers of higher wisdom.  The interaction they have with other members, and the connections they make at Happiness U, fuels their own growth and becomes a positive influence in their life, and the lives of others.

Our vision is that members become so clear and vitalized in their life, that they then go out into the world to share their positive spirit and unique gifts with everyone they meet – creating a positive effect and guiding light in our community.

Need more information?

For more information, email our Happiness Operations Manager, Erin Ushijima, directly at

As a member of Happiness U, enjoy the following benefits:


  • 3 Month Committment, billed monthly.
  • Four member-oriented classes or events monthly. (Ala Carte $100)
  • Unlimited access to classes held at Happiness U.
  • Access to member events online.
  • Full access to our Core “101” classes. (Value $400)
  • 20% off Happiness U products.
  • Reserved seating at full house events. (Priceless!)

Online (Virtual) Membership

  • 1 Year Committment, billed monthly.
  • Access to our 101 library of online classes for the duration of your membership. (Over 20 hours)
  • Monthly access to all of our classes on Facebook to watch live or at your convenience. (6+ classes per month, 4-5 different teachers)
  • Weekly email with inspiration, affirmations, and updates.
  • Yearly value: $1,800 You pay: $360


“Why become a member? Being a member of Happiness U – is a commitment to yourself, plus you have the Happiness U team that supports you. As a member your level of participation increases to help you with your focus on accomplishing more balance in what you want to experience in your life.

Also, we get special member pricing for classes and products from the Happiness U store. Besides the special speakers, they have additional free member events and special seating, too (for both yourself and your tea cup)!  I also find it quite amazing that our “CHO” (Chief Happiness Officer) Alice Inoue fills the calendar schedule with so many varied class offerings each month to help support that constant environment to grow and desire to be there to learn more and not miss out!

Becoming a member vs. just attending classes “whenever” is like comparing joining a group, organization or committee vs. joining a team or holding an officer position. In a group, organization, or committee – you are still a part of a whole but your level of participation although important may not be as clearly defined. As a player on the team or being on the leadership team helps to provide more focus and commitment to the whole.
The more you give, the more you will gain with your commitment to the goal of an “Inspiring You!””
– Patti Ann Hokama (Charter Member)


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