Treva Graves  |  Bloom Personal Branding

Self Doubt Detox – 5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence

(An Amazon Best Seller)

My membership community:

Bloom Your Confidence & Bloom Beauty Membership 

Build confidence in all areas of your life with Treva as your guide along with image, style, skincare and makeup inspiration through live calls in a private online community. 

Level Up Your Real Estate Brand – a 30 day online course for real estate agents to build a powerful, visible brand and be known both online and off. 

Email: treva@bloompersonalbranding  |  Phone: 605.679.7749

Patrice Tanaka, Founder and Chief Joy Officer  |  Joyful Planet LLC

I help build purpose-driven individuals and organizations through Joyful Planet LLC. 

I conduct:
“Discover Your Life & Leadership Purpose” webinars, workshops and keynotes for organizations, including non-profits and for-profits and their employees, members and/or clients.  Specifically, I support human resources and their BRGs/ERGs, leadership development programs, academic institutions, health and wellness-focused programs, reinvention and rewiring bootcamps, etc.

I also help organizations:
Discover and articulate their Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Values to communicate how the organization creates value for all its stakeholders and serves the greater good.  |  917.697.4538

Lyla Berg  |  Lyla Berg & Associates

Lyla Berg & Associates is a consulting and training alliance committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and organizations. The mission of our associates is to be a creative leader in promoting and developing the spirit of ALOHA in all professions. It is our belief that the ability to communicate effectively is at the center of feeling more empowered personally and professionally.  Through services and seminars, we offer individuals opportunities to develop attitudes, learn skills, and practice strategies to improve clarity in communicating and relating effectively with others.

Book: Leaving the Gilded Cage

Speaking Flyer  |  Motivation Flyer  |  (808) 754-0044


Mindy Ash  |  Mindy Ash Hypnosis Centers

I help people experience breakthroughs, and beyond by using the power of the subconscious mind. I offer a free phone consultation and sessions can be done anywhere around the world via zoom. 

If you move forward and book a package of sessions, you will receive a complimentary copy of a workbook that I created, called Manifest Your Magnificent Life. It’s a $30 value but it’s actually priceless!

Keao  |  Animal Communicator

IG: @love2connect

FB: Connect with Keao

Hawaii Hypnosis Center  |  Randy Hampton and Beverly Craddock

Goal-oriented hypnosis services for lifestyle and habit change AND relationship coaching for couples

Check the website for a full list of hypnosis services. Sessions are available weekdays, evenings and weekends at our professional office near Queens Medical Center on Oahu. Our book The Couples Rulebook is available on Amazon!

contact us at: OR 808-221-7353

Rodney Allgood

Free coaching or strategy session  |  702.789.8571

Max Gin

Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner

Body and Mind

Dr. Chad Sato


Holly Harding  |  The H Lyfe Method

Holly Harding, INHC, AADP is the founder of the H Lyfe Method ®. 

The H Lyfe Method® is a trademarked evaluation system and health-promoting program that analyzes an individual’s inherent traits, genetic indicators, body type, and gut microbiome to create an individualized approach to loss and ideal health.  In this unique process, The H Lyfe Method® teaches individuals fascinating information about themselves that ultimately leads to lifelong health, weight management and a renewed sense of well-being, confidence and self-love. Through The H Lyfe Method® evaluation, we will create an amazing, individualized food and supportive lifestyle program that works with your own biochemistry and goals.

(808) 341-0143  |


Dr. Joe Casciani  |  Living to 100 Club

For inspiring perspectives on aging successfully, tune in to the Living to 100 Club Podcast.  |  858.272.3992

Read the Living to 100 Club Flyer

Lillian Cumic  |  Lillian Vegan LLC

My 2 cookbooks: “Hawai’i A Vegan Paradise”  and “Tasting Hawai’i Vegan Style”. My third book, “Hawai’i Washoku”, due for release in November 2023, has over 165 plant-based and gluten-free Japanese recipes to help you master the art of Japanese cuisine.  |  808.476.3549

La Luer

LA LUER® is the first beauty tech brand to create a patented at-home skincare device that incorporates 6 technologies across 4 treatments – resulting in visibly firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin. LA LUER® helps you get the high-performance results you would expect from professional facials from the comfort of home.

Our mission is to develop skincare products that are science-backed, easy to use, and results-driven. We believe that every person deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Karey Smith  |  Energy Mentor, Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner

Guiding people back to their own light and trusting their abilities and the expansion of who they are becoming.


Scoop Slyman and Stephanie Wu

Diligence, honesty and a client-first approach are the cornerstones of our business. As a full-service husband & wife realtor team, we pride ourselves on prompt responsiveness, attention to detail and expert knowledge of the island of Oahu and its many neighborhoods. We treat your transaction as if it were our own to ensure we help you fulfill your real estate goals, whether it’s buying, selling or investing on Oahu.  |  808.798.2098

Jamie Yoshida  |  The Bead Gallery Honolulu

Happiness U Tahitian Pearl Pineapple Necklace  |  808.436.4930 (text)

Laine Kohama  |  Gigaisland

Gigaisland provides build out of a computing environment tailored to your needs and vision, complete with computers, servers, networking, security, backup and more.


Dave Miyamoto  |  Dave Miyamoto Photography

Dave is known for his comfortable, and approachable personality so characteristic of his Hawaiian up-bringing. He is able to easily connect, anticipate and capture the wedding day as it unfolds naturally and organically.

Tracy Wright Corvo  |  Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

Tracy Wright Corvo is a celebrity-style headshot and personal branding studio photographer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.


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