Reverse Aging…Naturally

Youthify Face Club

with Alice Inoue

“Reverse age” your face naturally by exercising it!

As women, we are faced with life’s daily struggles, and the stress and tension to overcome these tend to show themselves on our faces the most. As we age, we notice the stress and gravity on our faces.
And while stress is unavoidable, signs of aging are not!
Especially when you focus on natural skills and techniques to youthify your face. There are thousands of products on the market today that promote reverse aging, and creams and serums can “plump” our skin to a degree, but these alone don’t address the root of facial aging.
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The Youthify Face Club

A self-paced course featuring the four-week foundational Face Yoga trainings designed to address reversing the effects of aging…naturally!

$297 (One Time Fee)

Foundation Courses

Each class includes a presentation and a facial workout focusing on the week’s topic.

Week 1: Introduction to Face Yoga

  • Daily habits, intentions (emotional, mental, spiritual), resting face positions, tongue posture, face stress minimization, mini workout routines, warm-ups, and cool-downs.

  • Includes topics like – What is Face Yoga, Causes of Aging, Facial Mapping, Tongue Posture, and more!

Week 2: Lymphatic System

  • Anatomy of the lymphatic system, how to de-puff facial tissue, release trapped toxins, and minimize eye bags and dark circles. Dry brushing techniques as well as fluid draining using the roller, gua sha, and more.

  • Includes topics like Lymphatic System, Dry Brushing our Face, Gua Sha for Depuffing, Flapping & Tapping, Acupressure points, and more!

Week 3: Muscular System

  • Introduction to the key muscles that form the framework of your face. Finding and isolating the right muscles, strengthening the facial musculature, releasing tension, specific exercises for all areas of concern – jowls, turkey neck, droopy eyelids, marionette lines, angry 11s, etc.

  • Includes topics like Facial Muscles, Lower & Upper exercises, and a bonus lesson! 

Week 4: Skin System

  • Introduction to the layers of skin, and how to optimally increase nutrients, texture, and skin tone. Massage techniques for every area of the face, benefits of vascularization, build collagen, and reshape the face through repetition.

  • Includes topics like the Skin System, our Skin’s Microbiome, Facial Massages, and a Bonus Massage Techinque training!


Six Follow-Along Exercise Routines

and Three Bonus Trainings that cover How To Put On Moisturizer, Tips For Using Face Yoga Tools, and a Gua Sha Routine

Members will receive lifetime access to follow-along videos and updated trainings and techniques.

Hear From Our Members!

Meet Alice Inoue, Instructor 

Hi! I’m Alice! I am a national award-winning wellness author and columnist based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the founder of Happiness U Hui, an online forum where people can go to gain clarity on life’s daily struggles. As I approached my sixth decade of life, I became interested in longevity and anti-aging and discovered face yoga. After practicing on my own, I was genuinely awe-struck to discover the power facial exercise has on toning and lifting the face naturally. I studied and trained with experts in the field and became a certified facial yoga instructor and reverse-aging enthusiast. From my experience and trainings, I have curated a unique membership where I share my best facial findings. Face Club provides live trainings, exercises, virtual events, and ongoing techniques for reverse aging.

Reverse-aging doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars and result in painful recoveries and medical bills. You can apply my expert training and practices to look younger with natural techniques and exercises.

“I was surprised to learn about all the group muscles in the face and that we can achieve a younger look without surgery or other forms of non-evasive procedures simply by exercising the face daily!”

DJ Nocturna, Face Club Member


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