The pandemic has been one of the biggest disruptors to the way we work and live. With increased demands in our personal and professional lives, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout is at an all-time high. This is negatively impacting the energy levels and engagement of employees, and slowly siphoning away productivity. As human beings, the need for direction and guidance has never been more necessary, or more sought after. Yet, where does one go to get what they need?

This “app” was created to be a full-spectrum resource to address the needs of individuals looking for grounded, inspiring and helpful support.

If you own a business or are an HR director and would like to access the platform, email for the passcode.


Pacific Business News:
New platform aims to help increase workplace wellness

Categories of Information on the App

POSITIVITY & INSPIRATION Surrounded by negative people or situations? Are your thoughts taking you down? Find ways to lift yourself up.

LESS STRESS, MORE SUCCESS If you’re not reaching your goals, and are feeling overwhelmed, worried or filled with undesirable tension, find relief and solutions here.

BETTER COMMUNICATION Life and people revolve around communication. Here you’ll find tips, advice and examples of how to communicate in ways that foster connection.

AN ESCAPE Is it time to take a break and get away? Enjoy meditations, guided visualizations, breathing journeys, and transport your inner reality.

A NEW PERSPECTIVE Seeing things in a new way can make all the difference. Explore new ways to look at life and people that you live and work with.

LIFESTYLE & WELL-BEING For motivation to get organized, clear clutter, increase self-care, feel better, get healthier, find insight and information here.

A DISTRACTION Do you need something completely not related to what you are doing now to distract you? Find a curated collection of laugh-worthy distractions.

I DON’T KNOW If you know you need “something” but not sure what, get what you didn’t know you needed here.

To schedule a showing and/or to receive a free trial of the app, please contact Erin at

What’s Included

The Home Page of the Work Inspired “App”
(Updated weekly)

The Work Inspired App includes over 1,000 articles, hundreds of videos and 30+ longer-format classes with new content added weekly. Anchor segments include, “Featured Video,” “Featured Article,” “Featured Class,” “Inspirational Power Session,” “Book of the Month,” “Thought Leader of the Month,” “Outside Information,” and so much more.

Live 15-minute online inspirational sessions are also an option on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at noon.


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