Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness U. She is committed to helping individuals and organizations move past their challenges by helping them find answers to what they perceive is holding them back.

Born in San Francisco, raised in Taiwan and having also lived in Japan for four years, Alice learned how to be adaptive from childhood as she was exposed to different cultures and perspectives. Over this time she became fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese. As a model of self-transformation, she has thrived through many personal and professional incarnations over the last almost six decades, leading her purposefully into her destiny of doing what she does today.

After moving to Hawaii in 1989 from Japan, she soon became a public figure serving as a daily TV show host in 1994, followed by years as a bilingual news anchor and host of her own weekly Japanese TV shows which aired to millions of people. During this time, she also served as a spokesperson for a multitude of companies.

In a synchronistic turn of events in 1999, she left the world of television behind and followed her inner guidance towards something of deep interest to her – the mysteries of life. From human purpose and potential to universal and metaphysical principles of life, she wanted to understand it all. As such, she immersed herself into rigorous self-study, as well as intensive study with various respected masters of feng shui, astrology, and human potential and soon became fluent in the language of energy. Simultaneously, she also pioneered a path in the wedding industry as the first young female officiant (in her 30s at the time), becoming an integral part of over 900 ceremonies.

Prior to opening Happiness U in 2013, while Alice was working as a life guide, professional astrologer, feng shui expert, and wedding officiant, she developed a consultants training course in Feng Shui, graduated over 50 consultants into the profession, as well as trained wedding officiants to be able to conduct multi-denominational ceremonies and start their own businesses. After opening Happiness U she retired from feng shui and weddings to focus exclusively on building Happiness U.

Her life’s journey has led her to share her principles of life through writing. She has been a newspaper columnist since 2011, and currently writes A Mindful Moment for MidWeek, Hawaii’s largest publication. She has authored eight award-winning books on topics such as happiness, life guidance, spirituality, and feng shui. Alice‚Äôs most recent book, Master Your Superpowers is a unique personality assessment developed by Alice and is based on the ancient five-element system in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). By taking the assessment, one can instantly find their elemental archetypes and discover their intrinsic “superpowers.”

In 2013, after working with thousands of people in both private and public sessions, she expanded her platform by opening Happiness U as an in-person studio in order to serve more people. Due to the pandemic, Happiness U closed its in-person location and began serving the community as an online membership group, known as the Happiness U Hui.


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