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U L T I M A T E   T R A I N I N G   S E R I E S


This course will help you first and foremost to understand yourself better and be able to “own” your innate superpowers and strengthen your weaknesses for greater success in any area of your life you desire.

It will also help you to identify specific traits in others that will bring clarity as to why others are the way they are, why you get along with them (or not), and how to navigate any relationship for greater harmony and happiness.


By the end of this course, you will:

          1. Fully understand yourself and others based on your personal elemental composition and further defined in terms of one of twenty archetypes.

          2. Identify your personal intrinsic strengths and weaknesses,

          3. Have tools to uplevel your weaknesses, and strengthen innate powers

          4. Learn to communicate better with people at all levels and in all areas and walks of life.


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For ongoing support in life and happiness, click here to learn about the Happiness U Hui community, a positive and inspiring online community for those interested in helping others find answers to life’s most common challenges.

There you will find classes and events focused on finding clarity in all aspects of life.

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