January Reflections:

What a great way to start the year! Happiness U is providing me with new ideas and practices to support my becoming a better version of me! We can do and be so much more if we learn to get out of our heads and out of our own way.

February Reflections:

I appreciate the many love and relationship themed events offered this month. Great information on how to improve my relationship with myself, my loved ones, and my guides.

March Reflections:

Excellent tools offered this month! I have a new way of looking at myself and others and appreciating our gifts and challenges. I can’t wait to put Alice’s Calendar Organizing System into action. Thank you to Alice for the extra time she took with each person to assist them in the vision boarding process.

April Reflections:

More tools for my Better Life toolbox. Helping me create and improve my environment and surroundings; and supporting me to more confidently and boldly move forward to a better life.

May Reflections:

I am so grateful to have had these opportunities to be exposed to ideas and processes that expand the way I perceive the world and how it functions.

June Reflections:

Starting with inner dialogue and ending with public speaking and presenting, this month Happiness U provided a wealth of new knowledge and experiences that have helped me improve both personally and professionally.

The extra bonus has been the amazing community of like-minded individuals I have been privileged to meet and participate with, and the new friendships offered and gratefully accepted.


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