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Since Happiness U is a one-of-a-kind place, we get a lot of questions! Here are the answers to those we have been asked most frequently. If you don’t see what you’d like to know below, please write us at smile@yourhappinessu.com and we will be happy to reply to you directly!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program? Do you get a “degree” for graduating?
We are not like a traditional school in that we do not have specific enrollment periods, nor do we have a curriculum that you must complete.  You can pick and choose what you want to learn, gain a new community of like-minded individuals, and come to events and classes at any time. Our collection of offerings is available on our online platform HappinessUHui.com for a monthly fee which includes live weekly gatherings as well as other classes.  All sessions are recorded and archived in the Hui.  If you are interested in one-off classes, you can see what we have at happinessu.eventbrite.com.

Is Happiness U linked to or associated with any religious or non-profit organizations?
No. We are not affiliated with any religious, non-denominational, non-profit, or spiritual organization. We do not sell products that are affiliated with any network marketing company, nor are we based on any other existing business model known. We are not a franchise of a mainland organization or even based on something that we saw somewhere else. The name “Happiness U” is federally trademarked.

Is it only for adults? What is the age group of people that attend classes? Is it just for women? •
Right now the classes are geared for adults, and the current attendance age is anywhere from 18 to 80. More than age, attendees are interested in self-growth and in finding answers to some of their life challenges. The classes are for all genders.

What about businesses or corporate wellness? •
Yes! We have a corporate wellness program CLICK HERE for more information. If you would like to speak to someone about this, please email us at smile@yourhappinessu.com.

Is this the type of place where you have to share personal information – like self-help groups, or AA? •
These days our classes are held online over Zoom, and just like any other classes you may have attended in the past there are a few really talkative participants, with the majority a bit more reserved that just sit back and listen. Of course, the smaller the class, the more intimate and people feel more comfortable speaking up and engaging, but it is not necessary. Most everyone is there to gain awareness, not share their personal situations with others, unless they want to, or it is on topic with the discussion.

Are most of the people that spend time at Happiness U unhappy or suffering from depression? •
We get this question a lot! Actually, the people that hang out at Happiness U are happy people! Life can be tough sometimes, and being around like-minded people who support new perspectives on challenging situations, and interacting with others who share a “bigger picture” outlook on life is inspiring and helpful. That is not to say “unhappy” people are not welcome. Everyone who resonates with what we have to offer is welcome.

Who goes there? What types of professions? What types of people will I find there? How old are they? •
Well, we have a range of people. As far as professions, we have had everyone from attorneys, psychologists, accountants, librarians, security guards, business owners, delivery men, chefs, service men and women, to massage therapists, nurses, procurement officers, caregivers, and more. In other words, we have all sorts of professions. We have welcomed those as young as 18 to seniors over 80, and the percentage of men and women seems to be about 30% men to 70% women, for the most part.

How can you “teach” happiness? What are the teachings based on? •
It may at first, seem kind of strange, since we think of happiness as being something that we are either born with or not, but research from leading institutes such as Harvard and University of Pennsylvania, show, beyond a shadow of doubt, that happiness is a skill that can be learned. Because of this, we can change how we feel by changing our focus.

I am a Christian, will what you teach at Happiness U conflict with my beliefs as a Christian? •
The tools we offer in our classes are designed for a greater balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit and we do offer a universal perspective on what we teach. Our teachings are not based on any religion, so as a Christian, you may or may not see that as a conflict. We see Happiness U as a place where you can take what you resonate with and use that to help you in your life.

What qualifications does Alice Inoue have that deems her qualified to open a school of this sort? •
Alice has no qualifications other than being a student of life. She has gained knowledge from dozens of teachers, hundreds of workshops and books over the past two decades in addition to her own life experience. As a result, she has developed her own personal philosophy. At her core, she is simply inspired by the knowledge that we can empower our lives and wants to help others do the same. Prior to opening Happiness U, Alice worked as a life guide and is a professional astrologer, feng shui expert, and award-winning author of 8 books on life wisdom. Through thousands of private sessions and hundreds of workshops and classes she taught through her business, Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC, she developed the material and insight that she uses at Happiness U.

Where did this idea of Happiness U come from? Is it patterned off of an existing concept? •
Happiness U is a unique, one-of-a-kind business, and the sole inspiration of Alice. On March 25, 2013, as she was contemplating the content for her sixth book, the idea came to her that she wanted to “teach people to be more empowered in their lives”, in the form of a school, rather than another book. Extensive research at the time showed there was nothing else like this of its kind in Hawai`i, the mainland or even the world. The concept of Happiness U – from the business model to the curriculum, to the membership program, is unique to Happiness U.

Other Popular Questions

I called several times and no one answered, why don’t you answer your phone? •
Since the pandemic closed our in-person studio, we now run Happiness U virtually. If you call and leave a message, we will return your call within one business day. The fastest way to get a response, though, is by emailing us at smile@yourhappinessu.com as we respond to emails daily.

Can you mail products or gift certificates to me or someone on the mainland? •
We can easily mail out gift certificates and do this for a $5 shipping and handling fee per U.S. address. For books, we invite you to order online at Amazon.com – see all of Aliceʻs books by clicking here. Click here for more products.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, as well as credit and debit cards.

Do you have any positions open? Can I teach there? •
We are currently fully staffed. However, things can shift at any time. if you are interested, please send us your resume, what you offer and send to us at smile@yourhappinessu.com.

I would love to offer my time and volunteer at your organization regularly. Do you have a volunteer program?
Because we are a for-profit company, the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) frowns upon this. As such, we do not use volunteers . For special events, where we need extra help, we usually turn to our members.

I have something I would like to teach that seems in line with Happiness U, where do I begin? •
Please see the application process at this link.

Where are you located? •
Due to the pandemic, we are no longer at SALT at Our Kaka`ako. We do maintain an office in Iwilei, but no longer have an in-person classroom. When we have in-person classes or events, we now rent space at various venues in the town area of Honolulu.

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