September Reflections:

Receiving this scholarship to Happiness U has been really timely for me and is greatly appreciated. Right now, I am wanting to make some changes in my life in the areas of career/job; healthier lifestyle choices; increasing my self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth; creating healthier relationships; and establishing clearer values and boundaries.

A couple of items of information that have helped me tremendously over the last 3 weeks of this journey is being able to access positive and life changing information in a way that is not threatening or overwhelming. Here are a few happy observations:

The word “Value” seems to pop up regularly and become part of my vocabulary. I realize that I need to get in touch with what my values are in different areas of my, accept them as mine, value the values, and be clear to others what my values are.

The other point that Alice made several times and have really taken on is “that I am exactly where I need to be right now,” whether I know why or agree with it. This allows me to not make judgements of the past and focus on current decisions.

Another beneficial exercise I discovered in the Get Unstuck class. It is the get rid of/replace/move 27 items in your house. This really got me moving in a lot of different directions very quickly. I continue to try to address one item or more a day.

I am currently working on creating visions (Overcome Overwhelm) to help me make changes I want to make in a variety of areas (Career/work, physical health, financial well-being, spiritual, relationships and adventure/fun). I also learned to get rid of SHOULD and realize that there are reasons why I don’t want to do something and that is okay.

I learned that Overwhelm is not doing what you love to do. This is so simple but profound and I have been stuck in that place for a long time.

October Reflections:

I am still struggling and working on the concept that I am where I need to be, or should be, right now. Part of me still feels like I need to change the trajectory of my life plan. That I am still making poor decisions and settling for less than I should.

I have been doing the physical and online Happiness U classes and exercises. I have not felt any “Ah ha” moments this month or signals that I’m on track or off track. I did sign up for a retirement class that should help me plan that part of my goal. I also cleaned out all of my drawers and instituted the Kon Mari folding method, which has brought joy into my life whenever I go to grab something to wear. What a great thing. My husband has asked me to do his t-shirt drawers as well.

My biggest challenge is still working on the timing of my retirement and whether I am ready to do a full-time retirement vs. part-time. My concern is how to fill that much time, a very hectic and full schedule, and the fact that I have been working full weekdays and half of the weekends for the last three years. What do I do with all of this time? I don’t like being home for that long as I get very restless. There is still a lot to consider including finances.

I have exchanged a long beach walk in the late afternoon before the sun goes down, to having a drink with friends or doing errands in order to invigorate myself, get exercise, stay away from snacking or drinking a glass of wine, and keeping my mood upbeat. It also let me focus on important things on my mind.

November Reflections:

This month I was really challenged when I found out I have to move from my home of ten years over the holidays. I kept thinking about what Alice told me at the last group meeting, “you are right where you need to be”. I have been trying to embrace that.

There are lots of competing priorities and challenging problems to deal with this month, so I am trying to stay focused, calm and positive. It works most of the days…but every once in a while I am frazzled.

I decided to trust my gut and look at it from all angles. The classes and cohort meetings helped me trust my instincts to make a decision and move ahead. I think I will be happier for it. And……I can finally get the dog I have been wanting for ten years.

The Feng Shui and Decluttering classes are preparing me to downgrade my stuff and prepare for a smaller place.

I am concentrating on letting go of little things so I have enough energy and concentration for the bigger issues in my life.


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