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January Reflections:

The month of January at Happiness U has oiled the wheels of change in my life. The classes and content I have been exposed to so far, have really touched on areas for me that needed to be understood and addressed. Many of the topics have inspired me to seek further knowledge on my own – through books, podcasts, and online articles; it’s a bit of self-imposed homework that I might not have put so much time and effort into without the push from Happiness U.

The online courses with Alice, “Clutter Clearing Plan 101” & “Getting Unstuck” gave me some great pointers on how to change old habits and why they might have formed in the first place.  Just this week I have challenged myself to donate or throw away 20 items a day from my household, and in just two days, I already feel better by letting go of things that I didn’t want or need. Now I don’t even have to look at them anymore!  I also learned that there are benefits to both where I am now and where I need to be – my inner voice was always saying I am not where I need to be, but reminding myself that I only have now and to feel gratitude, was also really important.

The in-person “Create Your Ideal Life” class was really eye-opening to me.  Learning that “What we allow in our lives is a direct reflection of our relationship with our self.”, really made me want to have a better relationship with, well, me!  Finding a more congruent alignment of my self-image, ideal-self, and my behaviors made me realize how much my daily decisions, big or small, can affect my happiness.  Another wow moment for me, was the idea that “Being Yourself” is mostly a set of habits, which I had never considered. What I chose to do over and over again are the daily pieces that add up to the life I live, which I can alter, with just one piece….unreal!

Overall, I am feeling really proud of what I have accomplished in just one month. The word I chose in the “Personal Word & Number of the Year” class with Alice was “flourish” and I feel I am living up to that already.  I feel incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and for the women behind Happiness U – Alice, Erin & Val.  Thank you!


February Reflections:

February was full of special, thought-provoking classes that instigated various calls to action for me. There were a few moments in particular that resonated with me.  

The question “What information serves you?” from the ‘Stop the Noise’ class reinforced the steps I have already started to take in my life to lessen what I have to “filter.” The class made me realize even more to care for something very valuable – my mind! I loved the tips on how to stop the noise, even leaving the radio off in the car – I definitely noticed more of what was going on in the world outside of my car when I did that. The “Take Action Against Distraction” continued this lesson of decreasing distractions for better focus.  I struggle greatly with focus and learned I need to be more conscious of what could be pulling at my attention and relieving myself of it.

The class “How to be a Good Space Holder” was also impactful for me. The idea to “let [your friend] find their own power” was something I needed to understand, as I often find myself almost immediately sharing my opinion or advice (or at least gathering my thoughts while they are sharing) rather than letting someone share their feelings and waiting for their “ask” from me (which there might not be one other than to have me listen!).  I was also reminded to work on my tendency to be judgmental of actions that result in what I interpret as “drama.” We all have things in life that could be interpreted as such, and not everyone is going to respond to the same situation the same as me!

“Determining your Ayurvedic Body Type” was pure fun for me. I was completely unfamiliar with the system, so it was fascinating to learn about what works for certain body types.  Learning about the “misuse of senses” made me re-think something as basic as the music I listen to and the temperature of water I use for a shower. I think the night after watching this class I drank more water and considered a new career that got me out of a desk chair all day long!

These were just a few highlights of many for February – I cannot wait for what March has in store!


March Reflections:

One of the most powerful moments this month came from the “Introverts, Extroverts, Ambiverts” class I watched on Facebook.  I was blown away to realize that I am an introvert (that can venture into Ambivert & Extrovert tendencies). I had always associated the word “introvert” with people I thought of as socially awkward, who didn’t say much, and who lacked confidence. I came to learn that this is an inaccurate.  The two things Alice mentioned that made it very clear for me was “Introverts get energy from being alone.” and “Extroverts get energy from others.”  As someone who enjoys and needs a lot of alone time and loves to be at home, this finally made sense!  My boyfriend is definitely an extrovert and I have a better understanding of our difference in this capacity now.

The “Irritating Relationship Clarity 101” class really opened my eyes to “the mirror”.  I had always thought I judged others who appeared to not have the same values that I did, but “the mirror” was a different way of looking at it.  For instance, I really appreciate when people are on time, and find myself irritated when people are constantly late.  However, I find myself struggling to be on time and will often be stressed and rushing so as to not inconvenience anyone or appear “irresponsible” (for lack of a better word).  I came to realize others might not be willing to stress and rush like I do, and are not bothered by being a little bit late.  It still might be a peeve of mine, but I feel less irritated knowing it’s something I struggle with myself.

The “You Make Me Crazy” class was fascinating. I scored almost evenly for the profiles of “Parent”, “Adult”, & “Child”, which I felt was a good thing, but definitely gave me some clarity.  I felt inspired to be more “Child” and play more – I even thought about getting a Lego kit, which I used to really enjoy as a kid. I also found myself assessing friends and where they might fall in these profiles based upon their upbringing – then I started to listen to conversations and listen to what profile people were – it turned into “I Make Me Crazy” haha

The last thing I’ll mention is the Lifebook Workshop.  I have never looked at myself and my life with such depth – what an amazing weekend that was!  I had never thought to write down significant events in my life, or all the jobs I’ve had – I’ve come a long way and my story is so unique just like everyone else’s. I feel I gained a step in the right direction for what I might want to do next in life, which I’m actively exploring, but more importantly, I came to realize all that I have already achieved! I hope to finish the book by the end of the year.

Thanks for another great month ladies!


April Reflections:

The “Escaping the Emotional Roller Coaster” class made me realize I’m probably addicted to emotional highs and lows – I seem to seldom recognize the in-between of the two, which is like “filler”. I also found it interesting that “Emotions can lessen our choices” – meaning emotions can sway our reaction (for instance) because it brings up something from the past, it’s a one-sided perception of something, and it can take over the whole body. When I get really upset, I can physically feel the reaction and I typically regret how I handle things when emotions take over. I mean, I’m human, it’s okay to feel upset, but staying more level headed during these moments would certainly help me handle situations better!

I have a very challenged memory and the “An Unforgettable Skill” class made me realize the more I value something, the more likely I’ll remember, which seems pretty obvious, but I needed the reminder. I would never forget to do my taxes on time or submit my jury duty summons notice. I do normally forget names of people I meet in large groups because I feel as though unless there is a real connection, I might not see them ever again, so why should I remember who they are? Recognizing the value in information would likely help me remember and the trick to associate objects to a familiar space in my home was like magic – I remembered my whole grocery list!

Finally, the “Create YOUR Calling” class reminded me of a list of things I would actually do if there were no obstacles. I firmly believe if you want something bad enough, everything is possible in some capacity. I was able to check-off a long list of reasons why these things aren’t or haven’t happened. It made me think, how can I remove them? If it’s a lack of time, how can I reserve more of it? If it’s something that costs money, how can I make more of it, or how can I find a way to make something happen by finding help with the cost? (AKA Scholarship….hollla!)


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