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April Reflections:

My scholarship term is off to a great start. I just feel so much like Happiness U is exactly what I have been needing in my life. I am so grateful to have received this scholarship. I could never have been able to experience this fully had I continued trying to attend ala carte classes on my own.

I’m excited to be a fully engaged part of the amazing community of like-minded individuals that this place is introducing me too. Before this, I really felt alone in terms of having friends and mentors in this area. Especially those that I could have quality relationships with where I could really learn from such connections.

I also love that there is such a variety of guest teachers. I love being introduced to all of these people who are involved in so many different kinds of heart-centered entrepreneurial pursuits.

The course material is extremely interesting and I am so engaged. I would have loved to study all of this subject matter in college if only it had been offered.

The values and principles of the school are in complete alignment with my own. I love that the focus is always on what is right for the individual instead of some black and white ideal that not everyone can live up to.

I feel nothing but loving energy when I am there and when I sit in a room with the other members I feel a love for the people around me even if I have not yet gotten to know them. Everyone there is focused on improving their own lives and I can feel how that energy translates into bringing up the vibe of the whole. It’s such a great sense of relaxed accountability. I feel so inspired and I am receiving tools and knowledge that are helping me achieve my goals.

My meditation practice has already improved and I am experiencing a positive shift in my lifestyle that feels so natural. I can even feel a significant decrease in my desires to engage in some poor habits that I have been trying to let go of for some time.

I am just so grateful that there are people out there who are willing to invest in those they do not even know and I can’t say thank you enough! I am so excited to see what the next 5 months bring.


May Reflections:

April was an introduction.

May has been a month of deepening connections with everyone at Happiness U but especially Alice, my cohort and most of all myself. My intuition has become my new bestie.😁

In terms of my personal career goals, I am getting to know myself and what I need to move forward. I used to see myself as a procrastinator and really get down on myself for what I wasn’t achieving. I had a sense that it was part of my spiritual growth but I wasn’t sure how. That made it hard for me to see past my frustration with what I had not yet accomplished. Now I am able to see that I am laying the foundation for long term success and happiness and it feels so good to see myself in that way.

I was re-introduced to an Oracle I released from my life a few years ago. It was so fun to revisit the I-Ching and rediscover it’s rich wisdom. I know how to use it in a way that is more enriching now that I’ve matured and my perspective on life has changed. In college, I consulted it too
much because I struggled with decision making. Now I am in a much more confident stage of my life so I can use it in a more positive way.

Looking forward to more growth and fun in June. Thanks Happiness U!!!


June Reflections:

It’s so fun charting my journey here month by month. April was an introduction, May was about connections. June has been more about inspiration. I can feel the wheels of my own creativity beginning to turn as I observe the examples of all the amazing teachers here.

Alice is so open with us about her own creative thought processes. It has been really helpful to get an in depth look at the stages of the manifestation of here latest book. She makes it look so easy and fun though you can tell so much time and thought has been put into every detail. She has so much knowledge on all the different topics she teaches us about and you can see how she has put it all together into this cool new book concept. It’s like we get to see her creative genius in action.

This is the second class I’ve attended with Pua and I love how she places such a high value on her work yet maintains such a fun and approachable demeanor. She’s super friendly but also straight to the point.

Dalybeth is so intelligent and beautiful it makes me want to study and gain as much knowledge as I possibly can. I look forward to learning more about her.

Lani has been amazing to have as a teacher as well as a fellow classmate. She is extremely articulate on a spiritual level. She has such a clear picture of her coaching clientele and seems to know her business inside and out. I’m really inspired by her ability to demonstrate
unconditional self love and encourage that in others.

As I have been processing this clearer vision of who I am, I am so grateful for everything I am learning from these powerful women. They are providing ideas and insights that are nurturing me and helping me flourish from the inside out. Not to mention they are just awesome to be

I haven’t had a chance to catch any of the male instructor’s classes yet but I have a feeling they will be equally powerful in their own way. Happiness U, you just keep giving me something to look forward to. Thanks again for another great month!


July Reflections:

I cannot believe I am reflecting on my 4th month here at Happiness U. I must be having fun because time has absolutely flown. July has opened my eyes to the fact that HU is providing me with mentorship in a way I have never experienced it before. I love Bob Proctor’s definition of a mentor as

“someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” That’s the kind of mentorship that I find here and I feel so supported. I’ve never had anyone I could confidently speak to about my goals and ambitions who encourages me and provides me with realistic strategies to make them happen. Strategies that are in alignment with my values as a creative and spiritually oriented professional. The people at HU just get me. Even the administrative staff is a source of inspiration and encouragement. The more I engage with this loving community the more this positivity expands into all areas of my life.


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