February Reflections:

My first event at Happiness U was “2019 The Year of Movement”.  With all the excitement and energy in the room it was the perfect way to start with Happiness U and the year.  A lot of information was shared and I was wishing that I had brought a notebook to take notes but was happy to find out that I would have a chance to see it again online.  It was a great night and one of the things I remembered hearing and wrote down when I got home was — this is the year of movement, so keep going, you don’t know it but all the little things you’ve been doing will one day make a massive change. I also loved the dynamic ending “Don’t be an Anchovy, Be a Baller”.

The Mindful <editation classes with Max have been great.  I’ve been trying to meditate on my own but haven’t had much success so this gives me the chance to learn in person and Max shares so much of his insights with us.

At a very high level, all the in person and online classes are making me more conscious about self-awareness, the mind and body connection, and just being mindful.  This is just the beginning and I look forward to the coming months.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be at Happiness U.


March Reflections:

March was a busy month, there were so many classes that I was interested in and I tried to attend as many as I could in person.  It started with the “Master Your Superpowers” book launch, while not really a class, it was a fun event and I enjoyed hearing Alice talk about how the book came together and its purpose.   All the classes this month were great and inspired me in some way.  The essential classes were the Vision Board and Life Planning class.   They took a lot of time but it was something that I have wanted to do before but never set the time aside to do.  I can’t say that it’s complete but going through the process was helpful and I’ll be able to build upon what I started.

I try to attend Max’s Mindful Meditation class as much as I can. Max and the whole class are so supportive and I always feel glad that I made the time to be there.  Meditation is still hard but the one progress I have made is to do it daily.  Going on 40 days…

March was full of much learning.


April Reflections:

I’ve really enjoyed the last few months at Happiness U.  No matter what the subject of the class, there is always something that I can relate to.   I think “I never thought of it that way” and “that makes sense”.  I didn’t know much about Feng Shui, it seemed so mystical.  The class The Top FAQs of Feng Shui really simplified the concepts and I was able to try out one of the ideas which I am happy with.  Being at Happiness U has become comfortable and I enjoy seeing the familiar faces and being around those who want to help others, and those who want to learn and grow.


May Reflections:

The month of May seemed to have gone by so fast. At times it was challenging to plan and make time to attend classes and sometimes I felt guilty for taking time out for myself to do something that I wanted to do. But the classes are generally 1 hour so I could usually work my schedule around it. After 4 months at Happiness U I think “things” are starting to sink in. In the beginning everything was totally new to me but being consistently exposed to so much positivity by Alice, the other teachers, as well as students you can’t help but to start feeling positive yourself. I’m starting to have a whole new way of seeing relationships, my thoughts, and just being. I hope that I will continue to see changes in the next couple of months.


June Reflections:

I’m really glad that I went to the “How do you talk to yourself?” class. I never thought about it much but I guess I do have many self-limiting beliefs. The exercise we did in class was helpful and I continue to practice it every day.

The Cleansing through Forgiveness and New Moon Burning Bowl Ceremony classes were neat experiences that I would never have known about and have the chance to participate in if it wasn’t for Happiness U. I look forward to the part 2 session of Cleansing through Forgiveness in July.

One thing that I’ve picked up on from the various classes (including the online classes) over the months was that when you have an “issue” with anyone it is more than likely that it’s an issue within yourself, not with the other person. That’s really interesting because when I really think about it, it is true.


July Reflections: 

Applying for a scholarship like this is not something I would normally do but I’m so glad I did! It has put me on a path of greater self-awareness, something that I’ve really wanted to do for a long time. It also has helped me to see challenges from different perspectives and to look for what’s positive in them. The tips and tools from Alice and the other teachers have planted a seed that I hope continues to grow. It’s been a blessing to have had this experience and I wish all the best to my cohort and others that I’ve met along the way.


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