Sponsored by: Ivan Igarashi, Laine Kohama, Mary Ann Sacharski, and Masie and Stanford Wong

April Reflections:

Here I am at the end of my first month’s journey to finding the true me. I am so thankful for Happiness U and everyone that’s supports this great entity. There are great changes coming and being in this safe space has given me the courage to finally be true to myself and to nurture the person I truly am.

I’ve lived my life up until now to serve others even at my expense. I’ve rarely been happy, I’ve just been surviving. Alice and everyone here at Happiness U, genuinely wants you to be true to yourself, to grow and learn what makes you happy.

Some challenges I’ve had this month has been giving myself permission to attend classes and take the time to work on me….there are changes coming and I can’t wait to share it with my new Happiness U ohana.

Have a great month & see you all at Happiness U!!!

On my way to becoming a “Succulent Wild Woman!!!”



May Reflections:

This month has been a eye opening one. I’ve always felt I was not living the life that I was supposed to but because I’ve always had unsupportive people in my life I figured this was it. Just take care of my kids & home – you don’t have to LOVE your life, you just have to live it.

Being around my fellow cohorts & Happiness U has shown me that there is more out there & that I can be happy & love my life. That I deserve to be happy. Everyone here is so great, always willing to help & be there with a hug or a kind word. I can’t wait to see what June has in store for me….


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