Have you ever thought to yourself, “My life is not supposed to be like this!”? Or “Why is this happening to me?!” During challenging times, it’s natural to think this way and get stuck in this mindset. While it’s important and necessary to vent, share, and feel understood, remember not to get so wrapped up in your head about how your life is “supposed” to be, otherwise you’ll miss the beauty of what your life really “is.”

If the reality of your life doesn’t match the “perfect” life you see in your head – there’s a reason! You are simply not seeing what life is trying to show you. Right now take a moment to look for a few very specific situations you have in your life that you love, that you wouldn’t have in your life if your life really was the way you envision it to be. Do you wish your ex never existed in your life, but without him or her you wouldn’t have your children? Do you wish you had more meaningful work, but without this job you would have never met great co-workers who have become life-long friends? Do you wish you weighed less, but if you did you wouldn’t have enjoyed all those great eating experiences where you shared fun with others and your taste buds? The beauty of life is always there when we take the time to look for it. Once you can accept this, it’s much easier to move forward towards our heart-centered visions.


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