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Written by Happiness U founder Alice Inoue

When I reflect upon my life, I can see that literally everything I have ever experienced from the day I was born (whether I liked it or not) has served me to perfection, and added infinite value to my life. Even the disappointments, shattered dreams and betrayals have helped me to grow in ways that have led me to my greatest joys and accomplishments. It is exactly the same for you. Every positive and negative experience has guided you, and shaped your path.

When you really “get” that all that has happened has led you to where you are today, it’s almost impossible not to feel humbled by the intelligence that governs this universe, and be blown away by the divine order of synchronicities that brings the people, circumstances and situations to us in the way we need so we can grow and evolve. As such, if you are going through something that is really challenging right now, just keep breathing, stay strong, and trust that there is a bigger picture, and one day you will see that you will most certainly gain from what you are experiencing now.


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