Yes! It’s Mercury Retrograde (“MR”) from May 19th-June 11th and we are in the midst of it.  No, it’s not a reason to blame everything on planetary movement…only some things. 🙂  It’s definitely a time to do everything that starts with a “re” such as “revisit’ “reboot” and “relax” for your maximum benefit.

If you get frustrated, though, keep this in mind: As human beings, one of our purposes in life is to learn, evolve and grow.  Do you realize that we grow and learn optimally when we experience and embrace complementary opposites such as challenge and support?  So, if Mercury Retrograde brings you a challenge (or the opposite of what you want to happen, happens), embrace it so you can stay in the cusp of balance.  (I know it’s hard.)

All the best stuff happens in life when we are balanced!  You know, that place where you feel good and centered.  So, when you are going “too fast” and MR comes along and things get messed up and slow you down…embrace the new pace in order to get to the balanced zone quicker.  Everything that throws you off course is not happening not to frustrate you, but rather, to balance you.

So those crazy things that happen that create misunderstandings that lead to deeper conversations, miscellaneous mistakes that lead to having to redo things, irritating people that get on your last nerve, etc….embrace every single thing as if it’s a blessing in disguise, as thought it is threads of the silver lining that leads to the pot of gold.

Let MR take you in to the “zone” of where you need to be.  Fight it and you lose.  Embrace it and you win.  Allow the seeds of opportunity to germinate within you, as you change your pace of the course of the next few weeks.

If ever there is a time to go with the flow….this is it.


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