Some of the October Planetary Themes

After September’s energy of so many planets in retrograde, October is more of a month of pivots, surprises, and shifts. As four planets change directions, we’ll feel increased pressure to transform and make significant changes in our priorities, our values, and our beliefs.

By the end of the month, we will be in the “eclipse window,” which is a two-week period between two eclipses, bringing a portal of more chaotic energy. It will be an energetically full month, so it’s important to stay mindful and grounded. There’s more, but I’ll share the other themes as the month unfolds.

General October Advice

Be flexible and adaptable, find your own sense of order and stability in the chaos, and dig deep for cues to guide your life.

Last month we had all five of the outer planets retrograding, as well as Messenger Mercury and Wounded Healer Chiron. There was a lot of rethinking, redoing and redirecting. Here’s how the planets impact us this month.

Pluto Retrograde ends on 10/8 (It’s been there since 4/29). This period may have brought forth deeper, more introspective insights. Whatever is buried under the surface of your consciousness, may come up to be cleared. Pluto rules power, control, transformation, and renewal, and on a collective level, will expose what is false, corrupt, and decaying in the systems and structures around us.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I really want?
  • What needs to be eliminated?
  • What have I been suppressing or where have I been out of truth (even with myself)?

Saturn Retrograde ends on 10/22. If there are any structures or new foundations you’ve been wanting to establish or build, now is the time when they will need your attention. New rules for how you live your life can also be more easily implemented. Unspoken rules can shift as well.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do I need to be more responsible?
  • What do I need to commit to?
  • Where do I need to “change the rules”?

Mars Retrograde starts 10/30. Ego, desires, direction, willpower, ambition – it’s time to relook at these areas. This retrograde supports reconsideration and revision of the “why” behind our actions.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do I need to reinvest your energy – physically and mentally.
  • Are my choices leading me to where I want to go?
  • Why do I get irritated at certain things?
  • Why do I assume the worst about a certain person/situation?

It’s a busy and energetic month, but as long as we enter it consciously, we can more easily go with the flow. I called 2022, “The Year of You 2.0,” and we are in our last quarter of “upgrading” ourselves.


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