What is Mercury Retrograde?

If you are one of the uninitiated or skeptical when it comes to astrology, all you have to do is pay attention to your life experiences during the three or so weeks when it is in effect (see dates below). What is known as “Mercury Retrograde” is the period of time that the planet Mercury appears to “go backwards” in the sky. This usually happens for about three weeks, about 3-4 times s year

Astrology is based on the simple concept that all planets in our solar system have a “job” to do, and they exert their influence on us in accordance to their job descriptions depending on where they are in the sky, or how they are moving.

In the case of Mercury, he is “in charge of” communication and movement, and rules your intelligence, mind, and memory. Communication can be forms of talking, thinking, writing, communication style, and self-expression. It can also be through computers, texting, telephones, air travel, commerce and any type of traveling.

During this Mercury Retrograde time, it seems like many of these activities mentioned above, communications just seem to go awry. Many experience out of the norm misunderstandings and communication failure. Even people that don’t know about MR, will wonder what is going on.

What you may experience:

You might misspeak, say the “wrong thing,” have unusual disagreements, or send an email to the wrong person (not just any wrong person – the last person on earth you would want to have read that email). You might have your car break down, computer, printer or other machinery conk out. Your car might get a flat tire, or decide not to work for some reason. Your automatic payments, or mail might be slow. Your printing or shopping orders may not be correct….you get the idea.

What not to do:

Usually astrologers will say to avoid the following, however, I also add that if you have to, you have to. You have to live your life, and if it becomes necessary to do any of these during an MR period, just do the best you can to review the contract, reconfirm the meeting, and be especially aware.

  • Avoid making lasting agreements. It’s usually not a good time for entering into any serious agreements or signing any legal documents.
  • Don’t try to close big deals. It’s okay to talk about them and explore options, but save the closing until after MR if you can.
  • Minimize scheduling important meetings or events during this time. If you do, you may have less people show up, delays, cancellations and/or more mishaps than usual.
  • Allow extra time for travel. This way, you can get where you need to on time with less stress, in case there are snarls along the way
  • Try not to purchase computers, cars or equipment. If you “have to,” purchasing the extra warranty may be a good idea.
  • Mercury Retrograde is not a time to complain about how badly things are going and use it as something to blame, it’s just a time to be aware, so you will have less frustration, fewer mistakes and disappointments during this time.

What to do:

Anything with a “re”: Review, revise, relook at, renew, repeat, renegotiate, etc. ..but one to especially embrace: RELAX! …And one not to embrace: REACT!

2014 Retrograde Periods: February 6th to 28th | June 7th to July 2nd | October 4th to 25th


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