Winter is when living things such as plants begin to feel the pull of death – while some do transition, others turn inward, hibernate, and lay low. With winter around the corner, the current planetary cycles support the purpose of winter in our lives. Where do you need closure, contemplation, restoration, and distillation? Where do you need to let go and “shed” your leaves?

Through November 16, Venus retrograde continues to bring forth emotional polarity, relationship deliberation, and awareness of suppressed desires. Greater self-value will emerge from all of this with you on a higher wavelength better able to manifest what you want. Is it time for the “dead weight” in your life to be released so you can operate on a higher, happier, and more loving level?

1. What current groups, relationships, or interactions do you need to end, restore, or distill? This is a time to be honest with yourself. Where have you lost the even exchange of energy needed for you to thrive?

2. Where is your value? Do you know who you are anymore? Dig deep and see yourself as you are today, not through the reflection of those who only see your downsides or want to control you and keep you small. Upgrade yourself in your own eyes by being honest with yourself. Self-worth and self-esteem are on the rise.

3. Make plans for your money and how you spend and save. Do you need to revamp your spending habits? Make a financial plan for the future? Reorganize your debt? Make a new money plan?

The overall purpose and goal is for you to up your value and attract and allow more of what you desire into your life!


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