Do you remember how you had certain yearnings as a child? Did you ever see the correlation between your childhood “deprivations” and your current dreams, directions, and desires? For example, if you had an absent father and you really wanted your father to be around, now as a father, you probably are there for your children in a way your father was not. If you were never allowed freedom, you probably now have a high value on freedom. If your parents never had a “good” education, they probably emphasized to you the importance of an education. In my case, I was so unhappy as a child, that I spent most my adult life searching for happiness – and here I am with a school that “teaches” people how to find happiness.

As human beings, we are all programmed to look for whatever we perceive is most missing in our lives. In other words, our voids tend to create what we value in life. Many of your current values are likely the result of the perceived voids you had as a child. It is these perceived voids that drive us towards excellence and lead us to seek fulfillment in that area. How does what you “didn’t have” as a child (that you really wanted) show up in what you value in your life today?


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