THE DAYS GO FAST AND THE YEARS EVEN FASTER: Remember that every moment of every day is what makes up your life. Your life is not going to happen someday in the future. It’s happening right now. So the present is what deserves your attention – the boring, the frustrating, the painful, and the challenging right along with the exciting and loving. Today is what your memories are made of. If you keep looking at all the negative, you’re creating some pretty unhappy memories.

Take a deep breath right now. The things that you “can’t wait” to get through are the things that maybe could use a new perspective. One day, you might not be in this rut, this horrible job, this challenging relationship, your heartbreak, this tough financial situation, or these health ailments. Even if you hate what’s going on, you have the choice to make the most of every one of these situations. Your life is ticking away. There’s always tomorrow, you think…but how do you know for sure? There are special moments happening right now, today. Find them amidst the ick, or you’ll lose them forever.


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