If you see this, it means that at this very moment, you need to be reminded that you have everything you need to fulfill your life. Yes, you may be going through fears, anxiety or seemingly insurmountable challenges, but remember, you also have many blessings!

Bring magic into your life by consciously redirecting your thoughts towards these blessings. Being thankful is one of the secrets of living in peace and being in your power. Find something to be thankful about no matter what you are feeling or what you are going through. How could things be worse? Envisioning worse brings balance and gratitude to what presently is.

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  1. Wanda Sachie Anzai 6 years ago

    All of us have choice to be BETTER or be bitter. No one can mmake us happy unless we choose to be happy. We must be the captain of our own ships and steer towards our goals. Everyone has their own life journey and being grateful is a great way to live an awesome life.

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