Do you hate paying bills? Most of us do! However, if you’re going to pay them anyway, instead of doing so begrudgingly, take a moment to think about what you’re paying for and the benefit you’ve received. Car registration? Dental work? Rent? Groceries? Electricity? Education? Everything you spend money on serves you in some way. Even if you spent it on something you didn’t need, the truth is you got something from it.

From now on be mindful of this as you are paying bills. Give thanks for what you have received and be thankful that you have the funds or credit to be able to pay it. This will change your relationship to wealth and create a more balanced perception. So instead of feeling like your money is draining away (one-sided loss), you’ll see it as an even exchange of energy (mutual gain). This will inspire a sense of fulfillment and attract more wealth to you. This simple shift is subtle, but powerful. Remember, there’s two sides to every story.


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