Things are coming together. “Really?” you may say. “We just are in the middle of a two-week lock down messing up all my plans, and you’re telling me things are coming together?” My answer is still yes.

You may silently blame all those people not following the rules for upping the numbers and for messing up your newfound groove, but what if things are still coming together for you, just not in the way you imagined?

I know you’re tired. You may be mostly tired of change, and tired of trying to look for the upside of things. I know many of you had to make challenging shifts once again in your businesses and personal lives. The majority of people I talk to just want things to “normalize” already, so we can get on with it, and start making things happen the way we planned.

But, what if there’s something better for you that is born from all this? Is it possible that you will look back and see that 2020 was a pivotal year for you as a human being? During times of great shifting, and especially during these times when it feels like there is nothing we can count on, one thing is for sure.

We can count on divine timing to usher us towards our destiny – to give us the experiences we need to have in this lifetime. Everything happens not only for a reason, but at the right time. There is a greater perspective to consider and an unfolding purpose to your life. This recent change may be exactly what you need (maybe just not what you want).

Accept. Adapt. Allow. Hold on to hope. Continue to trust. Inhale and exhale deeply often. Continue to make the best of each moment, and most importantly, share your love with each other.

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