Money is one of the most extreme concepts ever created. It can be used to buy anything you want anywhere in the world, and yet it has no intrinsic value. Like an inspiring dream, it can be a means to experience the best life has to offer. And yet, like a nightmare, it can trigger our deepest fears. Money is complex in so many ways.

Money can be a source of guilt and resentment. It can be used to gain power and control or to cause fights and end friendships. It can also be used for good. Money has the unique ability to turn itself into anything and everything all at once. On the personal side, it is a blank slate upon which we project what’s going on in our lives.

To have a more positive projection when it comes to money, it’s wise to remember that the most basic universal laws governing energy govern money. What I mean by this is that your time, value and money are all tied together energetically, and you will get them or give them away based on how much you value yourself.

If you have been giving away your time and energy in an uneven exchange, it would be wise to build up your self-value, especially if enhancing positive money flow is important to you.


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