We are in Mercury Retrograde (until 8/19) and eclipse season is in full swing. Have you noticed any difference in energy since the last week of July? If so, you’ve probably experienced an increase in the amount of unexpected shifts and changes, misunderstandings, and sluggy technology (or breakdown). The August 11 eclipse has 6 planets in fixed signs (which means that areas where you’ve needed change will finally get jolted into action).

What you can expect over the next two weeks:

An opportunity for you to see where you are stuck in a rut and how you’ve been holding yourself back. Be prepared to feel more brave than usual when it comes to changing an old pattern. You’re “over” predictability and blaming others, and will feel the need to break free from a holding pattern. It’s a time to move things forward in your life.

Lots of thinking, deliberating, and debating that could possibly lead to power issues and egos rising up more than usual. Avoid arguments by being more conscious and mindful. Remember that there are many ways and your way is not the only way.

A stronger resolve to say “no” especially if you’ve been saying “yes” and regretting it. This time period brings out courage to put yourself first. You’ll be less willing to do what others say, even if it’s customary for you to subordinate due to your desire to please.

Truths about people will be revealed and you’ll be able to see people for who they are, leading you to either engage further or withdraw for your own protection. It’s a time for meaningful revelation.

Over the next few months, as a result of the eclipses, you’ll want to focus on deciding what YOU want to strive for, and you’ll see results in the long run. Just don’t let the next few weeks of a possible dim and twisty path derail you. Just keep moving forward, focusing on your goals, even if you feel you are not able to let go of the past as soon as you’d like.

These next few weeks are a kick off of themes that continue to unfold over the next 3-6 months.


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